About Us

Crank Caddy Inc., is a locally owned and operated small family business.  Our boxes and inserts are made, assembled and distributed from South Dakota across the nation.  We proudly carry the label of Made in the USA on all of our boxes. Our brand was officially formed in 2010, but the idea started years before.  Many hours were spent and prototypes created before the tackle storage system designed by fishermen for fisherman was completed.  We have been in retail and online stores, sporting good shows, and featured on many outdoor shows/commercials. Incorporation came in 2014, and new ownership took control in 2019.  We hope to be in your boat or tackle bag/box soon. Looking forward to fishing with you!!
Our goal is to you store and organize your crankbait and relieve the stress of tangled hooks.  As our friend, Craig Randall said, “Organized fishing is successful fishing.” Our storage system will help keep your hooks tangle free.  Hooks stay separate and sharper with our patented insert and custom box. Our lids are designed with special fins to keep your crankbait from sliding around even when the box is upside down.  We only ask that you close the lid after you are done and our box will do the rest. We want anyone, from a weekend warrior to a seasoned pro, who fishes with crankbait to enjoy #tanglefreecrankbait.  If you are going fishing and you like to fish faster, take one crankbait out at a time, keep your hooks sharper, then we need to be part of your tackle storage system..