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Unique Crank Bait Organizers, Made in South Dakota

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    "I went over to a friend of mine's garage. He brought out 11 boxes of crank baits and we put them into 4 Crank Caddy boxes. He was so happy with our product, he took pictures of them to show our friends. He is a very satisfied customer!"

    Mark Ryckman

    "To the makers of Crank Caddy Tackle Boxes,

    I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for this wonderful product. This tackle box should be part of any fisherman's inventory that uses crank baits for fishing.

    I am an angler of many species of fish, and most of them are sought by using crank baits as the primary lure. I own literally, hundreds of crank baits, and have tried several different means in which to store them. I have used boxes that have individual compartments, only to realize that the number of crank baits that can be stored, is such a small amount, that it would take many, many boxes to store all of my lures. These type of boxes (compartment) also allow for a very limited different size lure storage capability. I have also tried a vertical storage system, only to realize that after one trip across rough water that the lures fell to the bottom of the box. I am sure that people have used the other method I used, and that was the open, undivided box, in which you can store many lures, but they become very tangled and the hassle you faced every outing was near painful.

    I now own several Crank Caddy boxes, and let me just say, this is the first storage system with the fisherman in mind. The price is very affordable, and should eliminate having to buy more different kinds of tackle systems, only to find out they don't work as well as the Crank Caddy does. The small version allows for storage of forty-two lures, in various size from the #3 Rapala to the #4 Salmo and #5 jointed Rapalas. The medium box stores twenty-eight of my #7, #8 and smaller Reef Runner crank baits. The largest box holds twelve of my largest lures like Deep Reef Runners and Tail Dancers. The way that the design allows the crank baits to slide into the slots, with all the hooks hanging below the body is absolutely incredible. The design virtually eliminates the hooks from becoming tangled together, and allows lures to be removed and replaced from the box with ease.

    I look forward to filling more of these Crank Caddy boxes with more of my crank baits and having a more organized boat when I venture out on my next fishing trip and more trips for years to come!

    Thank you again, and I will certainly spread the word to fellow anglers, what a GREAT product you have!"

    Mike Carlson, Satisfied Crank Caddy Owner


    'We would like to thank Crank Caddy for letting us be one of the first people to use your boxes.  We were amazed at the tangle free storage, no more crankbait jiggle.  By being tangle free,it helps us to be more organized.  Whether it's fishing for fun or tournament time, you will find Crank Caddy boxes in our boats.

    If you plan to purchase or want to replace your existing boxes, give the Crank Caddy tangle free storage a try, you will not be disappointed.

    Thanks again to Crank Caddy crew for a great box.'

    Jay Sandness
    Pollock, SD

    Nate Huebner
    Correll, MN

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